About Nathan
慈心 Jishin

(he/they) Nathan is a bit of a global citizen, having lived in seven countries and in multiple places in the US. Nathan is ordained both as a priest within the Shingon Buddhist tradition (A Japanese branch of Esoteric Buddhism) and as an interfaith minister through the Unity-and-Diversity Word Council

Jishin received his MA in comparative religion, MDiv in Buddhist chaplaincy, and Ph.D. in History and Culture of Religions. He also received a certificate in advanced peace and conflict studies at European Peace University. 
The characters of their name, Jishin (pronunced jee-sheen), mean “benevolent heart”

Intro to the
"Great Discourse on the Foundations of Mindfulness"

Sample talk: This talk introduces a Buddhist text known as the “Great Discourse on the Foundations of Mindfulness,” or alternatively the “Great Frames of Reference Discourse.” It discusses the meaning of mindfulness within the text, what that means for practice, as well as the structure of the text, and other important terms to know before reading the text itself.

Nathan’s research and writing focuses especially on Buddhist chaplaincy, crisis care,  Japanese religions, and the application of various forms of meditation and mindfulness in care.

A Thousand Hands: A Guidebook to Caring for your Buddhist Community

Featuring 50 chapters by experts from a range of disciplines [All editor and author proceeds from this volume are donated to Buddhist Global Relief, to support efforts toward educating children and ending hunger]

"Buddhist Chaplaincy"

Article co-authored with Rev. Dr. Monica Sanford within the Online Oxford research Encyclopedia of Religion

Refuge in the Storm: Buddhist Voices in Crisis Care

27 authors from more than 10 countries and representing at least a dozen forms of Buddhism contribute their wisdom and experience in these essays on how to care for others in their times of most dire need