Sample videos and lists of example talks previously given at conferences, classes, and other venues

Introduction to the “Discourse on the Foundations of Mindfulness”

“Reflections of an Asexual Buddhist” at the First International Queer Buddhist Conference

Interview with JJ Walsh of “Seek Sustainable Japan” regarding the volume Refuge in the Storm

Harvard University Online Symposium for Refuge in the Storm, Part 1
September, 2023

Blue Beryl Podcast
Interview of me by Dr. Pierce Salguero, produced by Dr. Lan Li

“Buddhist Healing in Contemporary Japan”


“Our conversation touches on diverse Buddhist healing rituals and the role of light in Shingon practice and cosmology. We discuss the playfulness and innovation in modern Japanese Buddhism, and the rise of chaplaincy after the 3.11 tsunami and nuclear disaster. We also talk about Nathan’s ethnographic work in Japan, as well as their experiences volunteering in a ‘listening cafe.'”

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11/2022                “Buddhist Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care” Ritsumeikan University

                              in “Buddhist Ethics” – class taught by Kanae Kawamoto               Kyoto, Japan

10/2022                “The Compassion of Care: Buddhist and Psychological Views of Compassion for Spiritual Care” Presentaiton and Workshop for Ryukoku University

                              Applied Pure Land Studies/Buddhist Chaplaincy Program        Kyoto, Japan

10/2022                “Compassionate Care and Listening Skills” Presentation and Workshop for Wakesa High School – JSPS Science Dialog Series                   Obama, Japan    

5/2022                  “Buddhist Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care” Ritsumeikan University

                              in “Buddhist Ethics” – class taught by Kanae Kawamoto               Kyoto, Japan

8/2021                  “Breath Energy and Healing in Japanese Esoteric Buddhism”  Online
Buddhism and Breath Summit, The Jivaka Project

11/2018                “仏教の「悲」とケア:定義の変化と実践の考慮” [Buddhist ‘Compassion’ and Caregiving: Shifts in the Definition and Consideration for Actualization] public talk at Tohoku University                                                       Sendai, Japan

3/2015                  “Introduction to Buddhist Traditions” (lecture online through Skype) at

Berkeley City College, “Religions of the World” – class taught by Michelle Mueller                                                                                           Berkeley, CA

2/2015                  “Introduction to Buddhist Traditions” at Berkeley City College
                                             “Religions of the World” – class taught by Michelle Mueller   Berkeley, CA

 11/2014                “Publishing Research on Buddhist Chaplaincy” at Institute of Buddhist Studies
                                             “Buddhist Pastoral Care” – class taught by Daijaku Kinst         Berkeley, CA

2/2013                  “Applying the Four Noble Truths in Daily Life”                        Rosemead, CA

-Dharma talk lecture to BOCA Dharma Seal Temple youth group

 1/2011-2/2011     Religious Values and Traditions of the World             Pathum Thani, Thailand

                                             -Series taught at the Peace Revolution headquaters in Thailand, so staff could gain an understanding of the various religious beliefs and value systems of the wide variety of participants that attend their retreats from around the world.

6/2007                  “Internal Disarmament Training”                                  Stadtschlaining, Austria

                                             Seminar Series at European University Center for Peace Studies

                                             – Taught stress reduction and stress management techniques for peaceworkers

4/2006                  “Zen Involvement in World War II” at Kalamazoo College                      

                                             “Japanese Culture through Film”-class taught by Rose Bundy  Kalamazoo, MI

3/2006                  “History of Japanese Buddhism” at WesternMichiganUniversity

                                             “Religions of the World” – class taught by David Mead            Kalamazoo, MI

11/2005                 “Development of Shinto in Japanese Religion

                                              “Religions of the World” – class taught by Rebecca Hoffman  Kalamazoo, MI

3/2004                   “Zen History and thought

                                              “Religions of the World”-class taught by Sarah Montgomery  Kalamazoo, MI

 2/2004                   “Zen History and Thought

                              “Religions of the World” – class taught by Nicole Allen            Kalamazoo, MI

11/2022                Actualized Pure Land Studies Symposium                                  Kyoto, Japan      

                              Respondent: “Drawing Closer to the Heart: The Care from Religious Compassion”

11/2021                Spirituality, Healthcare, and Social Movements in East Asia    Online [Japan]

                              Presenter “Mindful Breath Coaching: Development of a Contemporary Shingon Therapy”

10/2021                International Queer Buddhist Conference                                   Online [Germany]

                              Presenter “Conveniences and Challenges of a ‘Non’ Identity: Reflections of an Asexual Buddhist”

4/2021                  The Grand Dialogue                                                                      Grand Rapids, MI

                               Kaufman Interfaith Institute, Grand Valley State University

                              Panelist and Buddhist representative on “Faith-Based Environmental Care”

5/2019                  Conference on Buddhist Chaplaincy and Faith-Based                New York, NY
Social Services at Columbia University
Presenter: “The Three Mysteries of Care: Shingon Buddhist Innovations in
Contemporary Japanese Caregiving”

               11/2018                International Conference on Buddhist Approaches to                Shanghai, China
                                             Hospice Care and Life Education
                                             Presenter: “Learning to Listen: Buddhist Chaplaincy Training
                                             Systems in the US and Japan”

               6/2016                  Association for Professional Chaplains Annual conference       Orlando, FL

Workshop leader: “Heart Training: Enhancing the Toolbox
of Contemplative Practices”

4/2012                  Humanistic Buddhism: Past, Present, and Future                       Rosemead, CA

                              Presenter: “Buddhist Meditation in Conflict Transformation Training”

3/2012                  Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference                     Toronto, ON


               11/2011                American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting                       San Francisco, CA                                             -participant

               5/2008                  United Nations Day of Vesak 2008                                              Hanoi, Vietnam

                            Workshop Presenter: “Training the Mind for Peace: How Buddhist Meditation can

Contribute to Conflict Transformation and Peace Training”

9/2006                  Worlds Religions After September 11                                         Montreal, Canada

                                             -panelist: “Approaches to Interfaith Outreach”

               3/2005                  XIXth World Congress of the International Association for      Tokyo, Japan

the History of Religions; Conference theme- Religion: Conflict and Peace


               10/2004                 Peace as a Global Language                                                        Kyoto, Japan

                                             -speaker: “Eternal Peace Now: The Impermanence of the ‘Permanent War’”